These recollections are by a full service sex worker in the United States. Anyone is free to read the posts or engage with the writer. Questions and Comments are welcomed.

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All photos are taken and edited by the site creator on her expeditions of sex work or during her regular day to day life.

I exist,

that is all,

and I find it nauseating.”

Jean Paul Sartre

Fuck Me in Quarantine

A man in his mid sixties says “if this is the end, then I wanna go out having sex”. He was a very large man. Maybe 350 or 400 pounds. He was kind and gentle. Put my payment on the table and talked about things going on. “I heard we’re going into lockdown”. “I was…

Undisputedly disputable

Can you hear me? I’m sitting in a coffee shop. I’m shopping for vinyl, vintage, and veggies. Turning left on Magnolia Ave. I get 2 days off a week and no vacation, so to speak. I’m here, I’m there. You’re unaware. We’re regular people. I embody normalcy, you couldn’t bare. I’m the one you had…

My Pussy My Choice

Isn’t it lovely when you confide in someone about your sex work and they judge you and say it’s disguisting?! I have sex with random gross men for money. Honey!!! I did the same thing before I was a sex worker but the difference was it was for free on tinder! Sweetheart! You fucked me…

The Margin

Rv man Meet with Alcoholics Sort of frantic Good intentions Next day Clientele Known before Couldn’t tell Something always sold Memories left untold Itech- nically Live directly on the margin Both sides, story left untold

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