Undisputedly disputable

Can you hear me?

I’m sitting in a coffee shop. I’m shopping for vinyl, vintage, and veggies. Turning left on Magnolia Ave. I get 2 days off a week and no vacation, so to speak. I’m here, I’m there. You’re unaware. We’re regular people. I embody normalcy, you couldn’t bare. I’m the one you had brief thoughts about as we passed on the stairs. The person you mistakenly locked eyes with at the store. A passer by, a seeker. I embody divine sexuality. You wouldn’t dare. You should. Oh you really should. Let it crumble you up and unfold a’new.

Please yourself. Let it go free. Masturbate. Let it out. Sex work. Feel the gratitude. Sex is work. Work can be sex.

Hi, I’m a sex worker. And you?

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