Tea & Confessions

Break out the tea and I’ll break out some piping hot confessions.

Activities that seem to ooze out of ones skin must be said so that everything feels okay. What a wonderful thing to tell someone you’re a sex worker. There was no pause in the conversation or shocking reactions. The interaction was followed by a sip of tea.

But of course, there’s the inference that one is a sex worker because it’s “what they have to do for money”. I do it because I can. It’s fun at times. I do it because I can make $1,500 with only 8 hours of work. It makes me feel recognized, not to others but to myself. It boosts my self image and confidence. It’s like the rush of riding a bike for the first time. Once you get on, you don’t want to get off.


I love being a sex worker. I’m not doing it because I have to. I’m not addicted to drugs and I didn’t run away from home. I’m doing it for the fuck of it.

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