I am I

“I am selfless I”

I quit my retail job and I, I feel even better I.

I sat down and cried but afterword I felt even better, dry.

To live is to suffer but sex work gives life the buffer.

How long will this last?

No more than 10 years but alas, I’ll make the time mean something. I might be single forever but I’ll make it all mean something

My one true lover believes me to be nothing

He is my everything but it’s not me he’s seeing

Sex work is dangerous. It’s dangerous and not worth it.

It’s worth it I swear. I have 20k up in the air.

No college degree, no man holding me down. In the south with my dog and cats.

It’s lonely, it’s loathing, it’s unnerving, it’s the yearning. Sex work is my work. It might kill me but it’s my work.

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