Phase 3, Stage 1

The trees are starting to yellow.

They were so so green just a couple months ago

speckles of lavender flowers mixed with yellow green leaves

fasten their pace

let the leaves join the race

I bet he’d know

I just don’t want to ask him

The humorous notion That accurately predicting human behavior was once not possible

The instant realization that in about 60 years someone will be laughing at a concept that I once thought to be so solid

I load every bowl with fury

I take every puff with spite

Just got hit with the news

Defensive dehumanization

Perspective play

Partner up

Partner in

Partner down

Partner around

define and conquer

The kind of closeness you feel when you look at the wound on your lovers foot and realize its healing more and more each time you see them

A friend who turned into the ghost of their past self

Eat chocolate, steak, masturbate




I see you smile when you think I’m not looking

Do you feel empty? Do you feel like I do?

You could have me if you wanted to

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